80-110mm Tee

Code Number – 90230



  • Designed to complement the Infinity aluminium pipe
  • Higher flow and greater volume
  • Continued stable velocity for longer runs
  • Lighter in weight aluminium construction
  • More compact in size
  • Improved durability
  • Designed specifically for long, large diameter ring main systems
  • Greater efficiency
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Product Description

Specifically designed for long ring main installations in large factories, the high flow series feature a cast aluminium construction, offering the same benefits as the original nickel-plated range: easy push-fit installation, minimal leakage and laminar fluid flow.

Lighter in weight and more compact in size than their nickel-plated predecessors, the aluminium series fittings boast the additional advantage of improved durability and a significantly higher, more stable velocity, particularly useful for long runs.

Code Description
90230 80 Tee 80mm
90230 110 Tee 110mm
D E B C1 C2 L1 L2 CH
80 145 91 109 54.5 291.5 138 6
110 200 125.5 150.5 75 401 200.5 8
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