Activated Carbon Technologies, WA

Activated Carbon Technologies, WA

Infinity was recently installed in Activated Carbon Technologies’ new processing plant in Western Australia.

Activated Carbon manufacture and supply specialist, high quality activated carbon products to the oil and gas industry and water treatment plants in Australia, New Zealand and global markets.


Brief Overview

WA Infinity distributors; Nessco Pressure Systems, were tasked with installing a 50mm ringmain and 80mm compressor station.


Infinity Pipe Systems Capabilities Statement The compressed airline pipe system was designed and installed with future expansion in mind. The key purpose of the ringmain was to supply compressed air to the buildings three large storage silos and dust collectors. In this factory Activated Carbon Technologies can manufacture up to 30,000 tonnes of finished activated carbon products per year.


“The installation of Infinity is as easy to put together as children’s building blocks”, commented some of our installers. Forget about welding copper pipes, threading galvanised steel or screwing together plastic pipes. Infinity is faster.  For ø 20-25-32-40 mm you just push the tube into the fittings and the connection is done! For ø 50-63 and 110 you just push the tube into the fitting and tighten the nut without grooving or drilling the tubes with heavy and expensive tools. From a ringmain you can drop down to the user point with the revolutionary reducing tee (patented) which removes a conventional swan neck and drain valves at the same time. Air will reach its destination with clean and without any damaging condensation reaching equipment. To add a drop to an existing ringmain you just use our saddle clamp without removing the full pipeline. Infinity is a perfect solution that makes for a quick installation and easy for all installing teams.


Whether you are in need of project management, technical information, design solutions, installation, or just some advice, contact Infinity Pipe Systems today.


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