Infinity Zero Condensate Reducing Tee

Infinity Zero Condensate Tee

One of the many technologically advanced features of the Infinity system is the zero condensate Reducing Tee Fitting.

The Zero Condensate Reducing Tee is an innovative solution that completely removes the need for a conventional swan neck and drain valves, providing a quick and easy solution to the problem of condensate. This efficient internal system allows the fluid to be removed without any damaging condensation reaching your equipment.

Condensation stays within the ring main and can be drained off at the most convenient point.


The zero condensate tee provides the advantage of automatically reducing the size of the ring main to a smaller drop leg diameter, making the need for extra fittings obsolete. Its internal geometric shape means that it can be used vertically or horizontally, and the internal barrel can be rotated 360° for off shoot lines. Additionally, in many cases, the reducing tee will replace a coupler when placed appropriately.

Designed specifically for compressed air distribution, the Infinity zero condensate tee causes no laminar turbulence, ensuring consistent flow and pressure throughout the system.

Eliminates the need for a conventional swan neck fitting

Blocks condensate from reaching equipment

Automatically reduces pipe size from ring main to drop leg

Can be used vertically or horizontally (360° rotation)

Can replace the need for a coupler

No laminar turbulence ensures consistent air flow

Infinity Pipe Systems Reducing tee