Compressed Air Ringmain System

Complete Infinity Ringmain System

Infinity Pipe Systems offer a vast range of products to complete an compressed air ringmain system from compressor to outlet. All Infinity products are handpicked by our compressed air specialists to complement each other for optimised efficiency. Products such as aluminium pipe, filtration, fittings, valves, cylinders and tubing, as well as unique patented solutions such as the Reducing Tee, we have the versatility to ensure the most efficient compressed air solution.

The most overlooked area in piping layout and design is the velocity of the compressed fluid. Under-sizing the internal diameter of the pipe relevant to the flow required will increase the velocity.

High velocity (under sizing the pipe system) can be a significant cause of:

  • Erratic pressure control
  • Turbulence in the pipe system
  • Pressure drop
  • Extra power requirements at the compressor

Use the Infinity compressed air pipe sizing diagram to determine the diameter of the main line.

Determining The Diameter For Installation

Determining The Diameter For Installation - Complete Infinity Ringmain System

Need Help Designing Your Airline?

Did you know Infinity have a team of professional, dedicated design engineers that are available to provide advice on airline & ringmain development?

Infinity System Design provides a fully integrated turnkey solution. Boasting a team of some of the most experienced designers and technicians in the Australian and New Zealand pneumatic industry. Our aim is to bring our customers technical expertise, superior workmanship across all sized projects and unlimited access to the most advanced pneumatic equipment on the market.