Pneumatic Airline Solutions

Infinity Pipe Systems are well known for aluminium airline pipe and supporting fittings. The supporting Infinity compressed air products are compatible with all major airline industry applications providing complete pneumatic airline solutions.

Airline Pipe & Fittings

High-performance airline 20-168mm diameter pipe and fittings, compatible with compressed air, nitrogen and vacuum systems.

Airline Hose Reels

Airline hose reels, brackets, hose and tubing, that will improve safety, increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Airline Couplings & Plugs

Infinity compressed air couplings boast superior workmanship, ensuring longer service life and excellent durability.

Airline Accessories

A variety of compressed air fixings, adapters and other extras that perfectly compliment the Infinity aluminium pipe system.

Compressed Air Valves

ROSS Controls industrial safety energy isolation lockout valves and accessories compatible with Infinity aluminium pipe system.