Founded in 1979, Tasty Trucks is a mobile cafe for workplaces. Delivering to almost 6000 locations across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Tasty Trucks’ fleet of 137 vehicles provide a wide range of savoury and sweet foods


Project Scope

112 months ago, Pneumatics Direct completed an installation at the Tasty Fresh workshop in the Gold Coast. Due to an expansion, the Queensland operation had relocated to a new depot in Yatala and re-engaged Pneumatics Direct to manage the installation of their new compressed airlines. Pneumatics Direct were required to install the following:

  • A new 11kW compressor to the internal back wall.
  • 32mm Infinity pipe to the top of the cold room roof space and along the back wall of the workshop.
  • Six M25 Droppers with a recoil hose and Nitto style fitting.
  • Nine M25 Droppers with a double outlet Nitto style.

They were also required to relocate and re-install the company’s existing air compressors.


The three challenges that Tasty Fresh faced:

  1. The compressed air installation must avoid all electrical and water pipelines entering the cold room through the roof, and must maintain an airtight seal to keep refrigeration energy use to a minimum.
  2. The production utilises a variety of processes, so flexibility is key. The final product will need to adapt to a variety of tools, tasks and processes.
  3. There is a small workshop for vehicle maintenance at the far end of the building which needs to be powered by the same compressor.


  1. Install a ring main onto the cold room roof above all the other services, coming through the roof insulation and at the walls and workspace areas. All penetrations to the cold room were sealed tightly to ensure minimal impact on energy usage. Infinity Zero Condensate Tees were used to ensure the best possible condensate performance from the compressor dryer combination.
  2. Nitto style couplings are installed to all outlets to enable the easy connection and disconnection of equipment and airlines; giving Tasty Fresh the flexibility they require.
  3. Using a laser level, install a 32mm pipeline, ensuring less than 4% pressure drop between the vehicle maintenance facility and the cool room.

“It’s a great compliment to have been asked to return for the installation of the Tasty Fresh new Yatala Depot. Our aim is to bring our customers technical expertise and superior workmanship across all sizes of projects.”

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