Cleanaway, Perth WA

Cleanaway, Perth WA

Infinity Pipe Installed in the Largest Recycling Plant in the Southern Hemisphere, 2017.


Brief Overview

Infinity Pipe was recently installed in the largest, most high-tech recycling facility in the southern hemisphere. Infinity Aluminium High Flow Pipe was installed throughout the plant to distribute consistent leak-free compressed air to the new state of the art system. The pipe system was installed by WA Infinity distributors, Kempe Engineering.


Cleanaway’s Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) is the most advanced commingled recovery system in the country, with state of the art optical sorting technology capable of separating recyclable materials including plastics, metals, paper and cardboard.

The new Perth plant will process more than 4,000 tonnes of recyclables each week – with 97% of it being re-used. Up to 250,000 tonnes of recyclable material, enough to fill almost 470 Olympic-size swimming pools could be handled by the new MRF, each year.


With advanced and valuable machinery like this, it was imperative that all compressed air components, especially the airline system, was of the highest quality. Infinity High Flow 110, 80, 63 and 50mm Pipe and Fittings were installed connecting and distributing compressed air to each of the main production areas of the plant.

Specifically designed for long ring main installations in large factories, the High Flow Series features a cast aluminium construction, offering the same benefits as the original nickel-plated range: easy push-fit installation, minimal leakage and laminar fluid flow.

Lighter in weight and more compact in size than their nickel-plated predecessors, the aluminium series fittings boast the additional advantage of improved durability and a significantly higher, more stable velocity, particularly useful for long runs.




Checkout the new Cleanaway Perth Material Recovery Facility Below


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