The Peron Trade Training Centre, WA

The Peron Trade Training Centre, WA

Infinity Supply, Design, Project Manage Case Study with The Peron Trade Training Centre in Winter 2016. The Peron Trade Training Centre was completed in early April using the Infinity Pipe System for Compressed Air throughout the facility. The workshop was designed for materials technology students, with the compressed air to power multiple air tools and equipment.

The Centre, which will be utilised by Gilmore College, consists of a 25mm Ring Main that includes multiple 20mm pipe droppers against the walls using the Infinity Zero Condensate Reducing Tee.  There is also Hose Droppers that hang from the ceiling using the Infinity Female Tee and Recoil hoses. All outlets end in a double Nitto style connection point.

The system, which includes the Compressor Station, was installed by Infinity’s distributor Nessco Pressure Systems, and was completed in an efficient manner resulting in a very neat and professional finish.


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