Pipe Sizing Chart

Determining The Diameter For Installation

The compressed air pipe sizing diagram below allows you to determine the diameter of the main line.

  1. Choose the flow rate of compressor in the red column.
  2. Choose the distance between compressor and the most distant using point in the blue column.
  3. Cross the lines of flow rate and blue column of distance to choose the diameter.


Pressure 7 bar – Total pressure drop 4%
* Pressure drop is higher than 4%

What happens if my pipe diameter is too small?

The most overlooked area in piping layout and design is the velocity of the compressed fluid. Under-sizing the diameter of the pipe will increase the velocity.


What is wrong with high velocity?

Fluid runs through the system faster, when it hits a valve or crossing tee, all the accumulated energy creates high turbulence and therefore significant back pressure.

This back pressure in your airline can have a very negative impact on your system’s performance and running costs.

High velocity (under sizing the pipe system) can be a significant cause of:

  • Erratic pressure control
  • Turbulence in the pipe system
  • Pressure drop, and
  • Extra power requirements at the compressor


Get it right the first time and save yourself or your company a lot of time and money, use the compressed air pipe sizing chart or call your Infinity rep today.

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