D’Orsogna, Melbourne VIC

D’Orsogna, Melbourne VIC

Clean DRY Energy efficient compressed air system reduces costs at Dorsogna


Brief Overview

Infinity Pipe was recently installed in the new D’Orsogna facility in Melbourne. Infinity Aluminium Pipe was installed throughout the plant to distribute consistent leak-free compressed air to the new facility.

ProjectInfinity Pipe Systems Capabilities Statement

D’Orsogna came to Infinity Pipe Systems with concerns over air quality, pressure loss and electricity bills. Like most leading food and beverage wholesalers and manufacturers, their factory relies heavily on compressed air. In order to cater to the needs of their compressed air reliant operations, D’Orsogna required the implementation of a unique pneumatic network.


Infinity Pipe Systems was commissioned to design and supply a 700m system of ring mains, with 60 stainless steel droppers into meat processing rooms. The system also featured filtration packs and 200m of stainless steel pipe for CO2 and Nitrogen gasses.

The stainless steel droppers and pipes have extreme resistance to corrosion and oxidation and are used in the ‘High risk, High care’ area


This installation was directed by our business development manager, Dillon Smith. Dillon specialises in creating turnkey, compressed air systems that are tailor-made for the needs of Western Australian companies.

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