IIF Group, Melbourne VIC

IIF Group, Melbourne VIC

Flexibility with design ends in customer satisfaction. Infinity Supply, Design, Project Manage & Installation Compressed Air Ring Main Case Study, 2017.


Brief Overview

Installed a 32mm Infinity ring main into IIF’s new premises. Compressed air droppers were installed for multiple machines, work benches and for their extraction system. The system was designed by Infinity Project Management and installed to the customer specifications. The install was completed on time and operates efficiently.

Infinity Pipe Systems Capabilities Statement

IIF moved due to growth, the new premises was an existing building that was previously used as a warehouse. We were asked to design an air network that would supply sufficient air to their entire workshop. The design required some flexibility as the final location of benches and some machinery wasn’t finalised. There had to be sufficient capacity for some future growth incorporated into the design.


32mm ring main, with 20mm hard droppers (x6) 10mm hose droppers (x8) and connection to their new vacuum extraction system.

Our Infinity Project Manager offered a quotation that had flexibility with design, so final termination points could be agreed upon on the day of install. This allowed IIF to locate their machinery and work areas in the new factory, prior to airline install, this, in turn, ensured they were comfortable with the final locations and didn’t have to commit based on a drawing. We also included hoses, safety blow guns and connections to assist with operation in the new factory during the move, this allowed for operations to continue at both factories as the move progressed.


This Infinity installation was project managed by Gareth Spencer, Gareth is located in Victoria and has over 7 years’ experience working with Infinity Pipe Systems. Whether you are in need of project management, technical information, design solutions, installation, or just some advice, contact Gareth today.





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