Choosing the Right Filters for Your Compressed Air System


One of the greatest lessons you could learn when it comes to compressed air distribution is to never underestimate the damage that can be caused by condensation and contamination. In order to maximise equipment lifespan and productivity, it is imperative that compressed air is treated based on an understanding of external conditions and the required application.

To provide the purest air quality possible, a combination of filters should be connected to the air-flow to capture these impurities before they contaminate the system. Infinity’s Air Preparation products allow you to select the type of filters that best suit your compressed air equipment and applications. Specific filters remove different things and have unique capabilities.

Included in the Infinity Industrial Pack:

1. Industrial Pre-Filter

Removes solid particles such as dust, pollen, mould and bacteria from the air.

2. Industrial Coalescing Filter
Traps and subsequently removes liquid, oil and water from the compressed air stream.

3. Industrial Absorption Filter
Absorbs smells, odours and tastes from compressed air, making it suitable and comfortable for breathing.


If you would like to order an Infinity Industrial Filtration Pack or if you would like more information contact us. You can also download the full Technical Information for Infinity Industrial Filtration here [PDF]. 


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