The Role of Filtration during a Pandemic


No one knows when the Coronavirus pandemic will officially end, but it is clear how important a compressed air system is to businesses. Nothing happens without compressed air.

Since COVID-19, the supply of compressed air into hospitals and health care environments became critical. Medical-grade air supply for standard operations, such as cleaning facilities, use of tools and equipment, as well as ventilation support, are all powered by oil-free air compressors.

These compressed air systems are highly regulated and carefully designed to purify the air, even in the most extreme circumstances and environments. They have played a vital role during this pandemic.

How does your compressed air system work to kill bacteria?

The air has to pass through various filters when it enters the compressed air system. No matter what environment you are in there are always several microorganisms floating about in the atmosphere, which is why the inline coalescing filtration is in place. This filter removes a large number of contaminants from the environment.

The high temperatures during compression significantly reduce the amount of microorganisms present. Research from the WHO shows that most strains of SARS coronavirus die before the temperature reaches 65°C and all of them are inactive by 80°C. Due to the unlivable environment for pathogens created by the air compressor, the air is clean and clear by the time it reaches the end-user.

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