Industrial Pre-Filter Element

Industrial Pre-Filter Element

Code Number – IN-E-320


  • Designed to complement the Infinity Pipe System
  • Filtration rating: 5µm
  • Maximum temperature: 65˚C
  • Maximum pressure: 232 psi
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Product Description

Pre-filter elements are composed of fibrous materials which capture and remove fine, solid particles such as dust, pollen, mould and bacteria from the air. As the air flows through the filter element from inside to out, dust particles and condensate are removed and collected at the bottom of the bowl where they are ejected automatically by the auto drain system.

IN-E15P-320Pre-Filter Element 1/2″35 cfm
IN-E20P-320Pre-Filter Element 3/4″70 cfm
IN-E25P-320Pre-Filter Element 1″105 cfm
IN-E40P-320Pre-Filter Element 1 1/2”210 cfm
IN-E50P-320Pre-Filter Element 2”630 cfm
IN-E63P-320Pre-Filter Element 2 1/2”840 cfm
Pre-Filter Element 1/2"G 3/4”3142947625.8 x 2.65
Pre-Filter Element 3/4"G 1”38.55212810430 x 3.55
Pre-Filter Element 1"G 1”38.55215212830 x 3.55
Pre-Filter Element 1 1/2”G 1”38.56220418030 x 3.55
Pre-Filter Element 2”--8639738154.5 x 3.55
Pre-Filter Element 2 1/2”--8652450854.5 x 3.55
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