Quaker Oats Australia Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of quality oat products for human consumption in 25 kg process formed bags and bulk in container.


The Challenge

Quaker Oats wanted two systems that would provide the air supply for an initial increase in production as well as all future additions.

Key areas to address include;

  • Achieving a flow of at least 840 CFM at 10 bar.
  • Future proofing to allow small to medium growth of their production line, not including the initial expansion.
  • Production of quality clean, dry air.
  • The use of food grade lubricant within the systems.
  • Lower running costs.
  • Warranty assurance.

The Solution

After completing a full site audit and identifying key areas of concern, careful care was taken in the selection of the 75KW systems. The flow was considered at 10 bar and variable speed drives were offered to assist in reducing their running costs over the 10 year warranty period.

Infinity provided the following:

  • The substantial flow of compressed air to meet current as well as all future needs for production.
  • Air treatment to provide clean, oil free compressed air utilising industrial inline filters and refrigerated dryers.
  • An oil water separator to allow discharge of oil free moisture that is produced by the systems in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
  • Commissioning and training.

Infinity Pipe Systems has the experience & capabilities to design, install and commission aluminium pipe systems for any industry.

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