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Compressed Air in the Automotive Industry

Just as cars and trucks are part of most of our daily lives, compressed air is vital in the automotive industry's day-to-day operations, ranging from vehicle assembly to engine construction, painting, and cleaning. A more obvious use includes the auto tyre business.    Below, we'll look at some typical automotive industry uses for compressed air. [...]
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New Infinity Nitto Style Air Hose Fittings

The new Infinity air hose fittings have been designed specifically for the Australian compressed air industry. With an internal locking system and easy one touch connection these couplings provide safe and efficient one hand connection and operation.

Compressed Air

Determine the correct aluminium compressed air pipe size

One of the most common questions we get asked about aluminium compressed air piping is what size air pipe is needed for our client’s system. Unfortunately, this isn’t a one size fits all industry. Some people have greater compressed air requirements than others and if you choose a pipe that is undersized, your system’s performance can […]

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