Pneumatic Axial Valve

Code Number – 90740

  • Simple in operation
  • Fully self-contained
  • No need for alternative power air or electric comes from inside the valve
  • Ideal for remote shut off high in the roof, or emergency shut due to blow hose etc.
  • Single sections of the system can be shut off leaving the rest of production to run
  • Comes complete with fittings
  • Compact and lightweight when compared to heavy air operated ball valves
  • Pneumatic switch or solenoid operated
  • Sizes range from 32mm to 63mm
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Product Description

Designed to overcome the limitations of traditional actuators, the Infinity Pneumatic Axial Valve is the complete package.

INAV32Pneumatic Axial Valve 32mm
INAV40Pneumatic Axial Valve 40mm
INAV50Pneumatic Axial Valve 50mm
INAV63Pneumatic Axial Valve 63mm


The valve is normally closed and it uses the pipeline pressure to open and close the compressed air flow.

If not piloted, with a minimum pressure of 2 bar the valve transits from closed to open position spontaneously. The valve is fully open with pipeline pressure around 3.5 bar.

If pressure drops under 2 bar the valve automatically closes. This is the minimum pressure that remains in pipeline sections not affected by failure.

The pipeline pressure is always available on the outlet “Pilot Pressure”. Using a pneumatic or electropneumatic deflector is possible to flow this pressure to the “Closing Port” in order to close the valve immediately.



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Pneumatic Axial Valve ClosedValve

Closed Valve

Pneumatic Axial Valve OpenValve

Open Valve with inline pressure higher than 2bar

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