Infinity in the Cabinet Making Industry

Having an efficient and working air line is crucial to managing a successful and effective workshop. Most tools that are being used would often require compressed air systems to work, and without compressed air being delivered in the right amount and correct flow rate, your business could face downtime and inefficiencies.

Operating in the compressed air industry for over a decade, Infinity Pipe Systems offer a range of products such as aluminium pipe, filtration, fittings, valves, cylinders and tubing.

This vast selection, in conjunction with unique and innovative patented solutions such as the Zero Condensate Reducing Tee, means we have the product versatility to ensure the most efficient compressed air solution.

The non–corrosive extruded aluminium pipe provides structural strength in a leak free piping system; ensuring the compressed air powering your tools is reliable and cost effective.

There are a variety of ways that using an Infinity Pipe System can save your business money:

  • Infinity aluminium pipe is naturally stronger and provides more airflow
  • Due to its larger internal diameter, Infinity Aluminium Pipe allows for on average a 23% higher flow rate than poly piping
  • Simple push in system
  • No need for swan necks – built-in zero condensate tees for low pressure systems

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